SnapTube App – Guide for beginners

There is a new app in the market that will be sure to make all geeks and techies extremely excited. The android app called SnapTube allows users to download You Tube videos fast and conveniently. This means every android user who downloads this app can download You Tube videos straight from their phone to any other hand held device like a tablet. In the past, the most common app used to download videos was Windows compliant and mainly suited for computers and laptops. But now, there is an app that allows the millions of android users worldwide to download their favourite songs, shows and video clips quickly and reliably through the SnapTube app.

snaptube apk

Here is a quick SnapTube App for beginners

  •  The app allows you to search for any video on YouTube quickly and at your convenience. To enhance your search, there are categories which you can browse so that you can find your video quickly. There is the option to search for most popular video, videos which have the most views and videos YouTube recommends based on your search history. This feature means you will spend less time searching for your video and more time downloading videos that interest you
  • Once you find the video you are looking for, you have the option of either viewing it or downloading it. This allows you to watch videos on your phone or hand held device, wherever you are and at whatever time. Once you select the video, it will always be available to you, even when there is no internet connection
  • One amazing feature of SnapTube is that it allows you to download the audio version of any video you wish to download. This is great as videos can take up space and sometimes the audio version is sufficient for your needs. If you want to hear a song and not necessarily download the video, this feature is perfect. Want to download an album in MP3 format and you don’t have enough storage on your device? This feature comes in handy for such moments.
  • There is an exciting feature in the new version which allows you to download videos from social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Initially, one could only download videos and audio from YouTube and other streaming sites, but now, it allows for downloading videos and audio from other sites which makes it truly innovative.
  • SnapTube allows you to download videos hosted on other websites, not only on YouTube. Sites such as Liveleaks, Vimeo are one of the few sites where you can download video and audio media. This means you are not only limited to music and videos, but you can easily watch and download documentaries, movies and so on.

In summary

SnapTube is truly revolutionary and will change how end users access videos from all platforms. It will ensure everyone has quick access of videos from a wide stream of sources available at the touch of a button.


This app is easy to download, is convenient and doesn’t take up loads of space. It allows you to download videos and audio from websites, social media and YouTube.