How to Get Aadhaar Card for kids?

Generally, children are refrained from opening their own bank account. As a rule, a child till the age of 18 cannot have an independent account or legal document, however since the Aadhar project has been launched in India, children can get their own unique identity number easily.

However, the required documentation for Aadhar card for kids would be of his/her parents, until the age of 18. Although kids above 1 year of age can get their Aadhar number easily, they will not give their biometrics as their fingerprints change time to time till the age of 5. Therefore, for kids below 5 years of age, will have their Aadhar card but linked to their parent’s Aadhar number.

aadhar card for children

After the age of 5, they can have their own Aadhar card with all the demographic and biometrics included. The card will need an update again at the age of 15. Children above 15 years of age, will finally get their biometrics done for the last time and it will be attached to his/her Aadhar card.

Soon as the child turns 18, they can get their final Aadhar card with their own documents. Though It seems a bit more exaggerated process, it is a lifelong identity card which will remain legal all your life. Now when we’re clear about the process, let’s discuss the procedure to fix an appointment online to get E-Aadhar card for our kids.

Online procedure

Step 1 – Once you have all the documents ready, they have to visit the official site of UIDAI.

Step 2 – Procure the required form and fill in the details as necessary.

Step 3 – The name and age of the child but the contact details would be the parents.

Step 4 – After the personal details have been filled up, you need to provide your demographic information, which includes, State, district, city, pin code, permanent address, and locality.

Step 5– At the end of the form, you’ll be asked to fix an appointment as per your preference.

Step 6 – Fix an appointment and choose the nearest Aadhar card enrollment center or E-Seva Kendra.

Step 7 – On the day of Appointment, please take all the prerequisites/documents as well as the appointment letter.

Step 8 – Before generating your child’s Aadhar card, all your documents will be verified right there, especially your e aadhar status.

Step 9 – If your child is above or is 5 years old, they’ll take the biometrics and link it to your Aadhar card.

Step 10 – As you child turns 15, please follow the procedure as it is going to be the same every time you apply for his/her Aadhar card. It’s important to follow the procedure as it is declared or it will be difficult to get your child’s Aadhar card.

Final verdict

Aadhar card is the most efficient project launched by the Government of India. You might have to wait for your Aadhar card, but once it is in your hand, you can easily complete all the legal procedures, for instance, booking air and rail ticket, opening a bank account, etc.