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One thing that comforts you the most on a super hectic day of work, shoot, or anything is shoes! You are at your work and it is indeed a long day, you have to run here and there for your files, presentations, or for your client, the one thing that will help you in that is your shoes because obviously, you can not run in your heels or bellies.  

Most people don't know this, but there's a reason your feet are always so tired at the end of the day. It's because you're walking around in shoes that are torture devices! But for that super comfy feeling you need to know the best quality of shoes for that. Do not worry I have got that covered for you! The shoes that you must have and you need in your life are Allbirds.

Speaking from my personal experience you can wear the most comfortable outfit you want to, tie your hair in a bun so that you don’t have any baby hair coming at your face while you are stressed at work but the choice of your shoes will be the only thing that will help you “not to get too tired” while running in the office for getting your work done. 

Even if you are on a shoot or out with your friends for a long day, or at college, shoes are the only thing that will help you stay fresh because if your feet will not get tired, neither will you! Allbirds is here to change all that with the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Made from soft wool, they'll keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long. So go ahead and take that vacation you've been dreaming of- your feet will thank you for it!

Allbirds are not just any brand of shoes that you read somewhere on the internet. They are hands down the best and the most comfortable shoes in the world. They are a company in New Zealand that sells footwear and apparel. Their first shoe was made from Merino wool and all their products are eco-friendly. 

Their categories

The company first started with just one product but their products were super amazing and people loved it so gradually they started making more products like running shoes, apparel, and flip slops too. They make these products different for both men and women. 

Not only this but they have different categories in men’s and women’s sections too. 

Men’s category:

In the men’s category, they have boat shoes, running shoes, everyday sneakers, slip-on, high-tops, rain-repellant shoes, men’s tree piper, men’s wool runner fluffs, lounger fluffs, dasher fluffs, men’s wool dasher mizzles, trail runners SWT, wool pipers, wool loungers, and so much more! 

Their material is also categorized in soft and cozy wool, light and breezy tree. They even their shoe weather categorized like for running, everyday wear, wet weather, cool weather, warm weather. 

Not to forget they have more than 20 colors in their shoe collection. As already mentioned they have apparels like bottoms, activewear, socks, underwear, sweatpants & sweatshirts, tops & tees, and accessories like lace kits, insoles, scarves & hats, face masks, digital gift cards. 

Women’s category:

In the women’s category they have sandals, slip-on, rain-repellant shoes, everyday sneakers, flats, high tops, running shoes, women’s tree dashers, women’s trail runners SWT, women’s wol dashers fluffs, etc. 

For accessories they have lace kits, insoles, scarves & hats, face masks, digital gift cards, and for apparel, they have stuff like leggings, sweaters, underwear, socks, bottoms, activewear, tees & tops. 

Kids category:

Allbirds created a category for kids named smallbirds. They have shoes like A total softie which has upper of wool (it will the baby’s small and cute feet warm in the cold), Sweat of the planet, etc. They're very stable for kids and have a supportive soul. 

These shoes lets the kids be kids and they can go in the mud all they want, they can be delicately washed and then air dry them. Their laces are made up of 100% polyester. Once you tie them they will not open anytime soon. 

Things you should about Allbirds

The best thing about these shes apart from being super comfy is that they are wearable even if you are not wearing socks. Their sneakers are the mostpopular among all the stuff. They will look like any other normal shoe but you would not know the quality until you wear it. 

It is no joke that they make “The most comfortable shoes in the world” they have such a unique construction that you can wear them anywhere. Also, they are very sustainable than any other footwear in the market. You can wear them anywhere like if you are running an errand, it will be comfortable for miles. 

The most comfortable shoes in the world. Made from natural materials like wool and eucalyptus, these shoes are perfect for your everyday wardrobe. With a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, Allbirds are perfect for any occasion. You'll be amazed at how good they feel on your feet!

A customer said “The Allbirds were stylish enough to wear while also being comfortable on my feet all day.” Another who owns the Tree Runners commented: “I've walked for 12 miles in one day with them and my feet didn't hurt.” These shoes will never create a problem for you, you never feel any itchiness or irritability.


We all know that feeling of slipping your feet into a pair of slippers after being on them for hours. Allbirds are the perfect shoe to wear at home, work, or anywhere else you feel like lounging around! You can order these shoes online and have them delivered right to your door in just days. 

If you've been looking for an alternative to traditional sneakers or flats, but still want something stylish that will keep your feet cozy without sacrificing fashion, then try out this brand today! They even offer free shipping with every purchase- how could it get better than that?!

So go for it without any second thought as I had a great experience. Thanks for reading! 

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