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Checkra1n is an online tool that allows you to check your game stats remotely via a website. It measures the latency of the game server and the speed of your network connection. And it's 100% free of charge! It is a very useful tool for those who want to verify their latency. It's also possible to leave a comment on the server's homepage in order to track your progress.

Checkra1n is a free application offered for Windows PC's and laptops that helps to speedup your CPU, free up RAM and speed up your PC. The software is very easy to use and doesn't take long to install.   The application also comes with a clean and simple user interface, which is perfect for those who are new to computers.

If you want to know how to crack iCloud activation codes to connect to iCloud on iOS devices, download Checkra1n Windows to connect to iCloud on iOS devices.

iCloud is a well-known app or software that is formally present on every iOS device. iCloud is a cloud storage service that allows users to access the files or data stored on their mobile phones over the internet. Use the iCloud app to sync your messages, contacts, your device's online location, etc.

Checkra1n Windows Example

If you don't know your iCloud activation information, don't worry. Users of iOS devices can try Checkra1n software to quickly crack iCloud activation codes. Checkra1n is one of the best tools to crack iCloud activation codes. The program is compatible with virtually all iOS devices.

With Checkra1n tool, you can easily decrypt iCloud activation code from iOS devices. However, if you use Windows, you can run Linux from a USB hard drive. Scroll down this page for the complete information about Checkra1n Windows.

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O Chekra1n:

Checkra1n is a software or a jailbreak tool essential. Checkra1n Window occurs when using all generations of iOS devices and works on any iOS device (Mac / Windows / Linux). The Cydia app can be downloaded on new versions of iOS 13 through 13.3. The jailbreak requires a valid Windows PC.

iOS devices from A5 to A11 are compatible with the checkra1n port. iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the latest devices that are not compatible with the checkra1n jailbreak tool.

The Checkra1n jailbreak tool is extremely reliable and robust, especially for a device that is in beta mode. During the download a large Checkra1n logo will appear on the screen. On the home screen of iOS devices are the apps Cydia and Checkra1n, neither of which resemble the normal operation of an iOS device.

Characteristics of Checkra1n:

  1. You can easily decorate your iPad, iPhone or iPod or any other iOS touch device with different shocks and themes from Cydia. Many applications require payment, but the Apple App Store charges a fee.
  2. Find and install your favorite apps, tweaks, themes, games, and other applications on your iOS device. You can also add sources and resources to find the latest content.
  3. With Cydia themes, you can change the boring interface of your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other iOS device.
  4. You can quickly gain root access that you will never be able to use from a regular iOS device.
  5. The Checkra1n tool is likely to work with the Android operating system on iPhone, iPad, iPod or other iOS devices. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the only devices that normally run the Android operating system.
  6. Other iOS devices will be supported at a later date.
  7. The main advantage of the Checkra1n tool is that it works reliably on a wide range of hardware.
  8. Another important factor is the number of supported iOS devices between the two jailbreaks. Checkra1n jailbreak is a software that can be organized on a computer running macOS, Windows or Linux.
  9. You can enjoy the benefits and security measures available in the latest iOS devices without losing the ability to jailbreak your iOS devices.
  10. Applicants may also experience issues when running the Checkra1n beta on the iPad mini 2, iPhone 5s, iPad mini 3 and other iOS devices. These inconsistencies will be corrected when the latest updates to the Checkra1n tool become available.

How do I download Checkra1n?

With the following items, you can easily install and download the Checkra1n tool on Mac and Windows PC.

Download and install Checkra1n for Windows :

  • The first step is to install and start modra1n on a Windows PC.
  • After you have installed the modra1n dmg file and the TransMac file on your computer, open the TransMac file and wait at least 12 seconds for it to boot up.
  • Make sure the connected USB is displayed on the left hand side.
  • Then click on the name of the flash drive and select the Recover with Disk Image tab.
  • Click on the Yes button.
  • Then you need to select the dmg file checkra1n modra1n tool.
  • The flash drive then receives the settings and the boot process begins.
  • Finally, you will see how to manage this bootable USB drive.
  • You can easily jailbreak your iOS device by running checkra1n jailbreak on a Windows PC running modra1n.

DownloadCheckra1n for Mac :

  • Visit the official website of checkra1n – and then download the latest version of checkra1n jailbreak.

Download Checkra1n for Mac

  • After downloading the utility, you need to open the checkra1n dmg file, drag the checkra1n application to the app folder and run it.
  • Then connect your Mac device. Then open the App folder on your Mac > checkra1n > Content >MacOS> Checkra1n_gui Terminal file.
  • Checkra1n will then detect your device.
  • Press the Start button and enter DFU mode. Click the Next button to learn how to activate DFU mode.
  • Click the Start tab again and put the device in DFU mode by pressing the Side tab>Volume button.
  • Now the jailbreak process of Checkra1n will begin. You have to wait for this process to be completed.
  • After completing the jailbreak process, you need to close the Checkra1n app.
  • Then add it to the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Open it, click Cydia> Install Cydia>, and then click Done.


Checkra1n is one of the best tools for jailbreaking iOS devices. It works on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. If you don't have Mac PC, then the ra1nstorm method will solve the checkra1n jailbreak for Windows PC.  Checkra1n is new for the following iOS devices: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 5s and iPad Air, and works on 64-bit iOS A5-A11 devices.

Checkra1n can be used on a variety of devices including iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 2, iPad 5 and iPad Pro (1st generation). Here you can get all the information about Checkra1n Windows and the download process.

Thank you for choosing OM Geeky. Check for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install Checkra1n on Windows?

Yes. You can download the latest version of Checkra1n here. Why does Checkra1n say that it cannot connect to the server? Checkra1n is not able to connect to the server because the server is down.

How do I download Checkra1n on my computer?

Checkra1n is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. How do I start using Checkra1n? To start using Checkra1n, you will need to download the software on your computer. Once you have downloaded the software, open the application and follow the instructions.

How do I get Checkra1n for Windows?

Checkra1n for Windows can be downloaded from the Checkra1n website.

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