Easy Guide, How to Install Our Match Kodi Addon

It's been a while since we talked to you about our first ever Kodi addon, how's it going? It's been a while since we talked to you about our first ever Kodi addon, how's it going? We have been using our addon with the new version of Kodi, and it has been amazing.

Have you ever wanted to see a big stack of money, but didn't want to try and catch it yourself? Well, our Kodi addon, Match, lets you do just that! Through our addon, you can see stacks of money and try to catch it and win big prizes. We have also added leaderboards on the addon with chances to win more money.

Our Match Add-on gives you on demand football games of the day from around the world. You will be talented to watch full matches or just highlights. This is a great Add-on to use. The Our Match Adonis great for all you fans of the footy (soccer for Americans). We like this one a lot because it allows you to watch your favorite matches. It is one you won’t want to be without. To give it a shot, use our guide to help you download and install it.
However, it is supported by the human being development team. If you need help, please do not go to the Kodi website and ask any questions. They will be available to help you for support.
Our Match Add-on offers you to watch Football replays and highlights on Kodi. You can watch replays, highlights and information of your favorite soccer team on Kodi.
All the content in this Add-on is scarped from the internet and the Author is not accountable for the media that you find in this Add-on. If you are looking for football highlights Add-on then Our Match Add-on will be an enormous addition to your Kodi.
Echo weaves his magic once more and brings to you a match replay service covering many countries. Some of the matches will offer highlights, extended highlights, full replays, as well as all the goals and action. To install our match kodi addon, the below guide will be helpful.

How to Install Our Match on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17 Krypton
  2. Download the latest zip from their GITHUB repository and save it
  3. Go to HOME Screen
  4. Select Add-ons
  5. Click on Settings button
  6. Enable Unknown Sources
  7. BACK to HOME screen
  8. Select Add-Ons
  9. Click on Add-on Browser
  10. Install from zip file
  11. Locate the zip you just saved
  12. Select repository.colossus-xxx.xxx.x.zip
  13. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  14. Back to Install from repository
  15. Colossal Repository
  16. Select Video add-ons
  17. Select Our Match and click Install
  18. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  19. The Addon can now be opened from HOME screen > Addons > Our Match

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