How to Change Messenger Theme [Updated 2021]

After a couple of years of using same old default theme in messenger. I've decided to change it for something new. So I decided to make a little guide for all who is interested on how to change it. This guide was made to help you change the theme and it's the last step on changing the messenger theme.

For a little while it looked like the Messenger app was going to get an upgrade, but once you changed it again, it was back to the old look. This time, it's different—but what's the difference? Well, the main colors are black and light blue, with white and dark blue used as accents. The app icon has also been updated, and it's now significantly more simple, with just a little blue “M” in the middle. The only items left untouched are the app's notification icons, which still have the previous look.

The standalone Facebook Messenger application is packed with features and settings. They add surprisingly user-friendly extensions to the application. However, since the launch of Messenger, the default chat colors are blue and that seems a bit boring. Messenger, for example, lets you change the colors, themes, and bubble gradients of cats with a few clicks. You can easily do this for all individual calls or just for your favorite call in the application.

You can easily choose new themes and colors for each conversation. However, it's getting more and more every month (I've noticed). With the new themes added (in the last update), not only do the chat colors change, but also the background and everything else in the conversation once you apply them.

Anyway, it's a lot for an introduction. Today I'm going to show you an easy way to customize Facebook Messenger chat themes with colors, chat backgrounds and gradients in the application and on the website on your PC. I'll also show you how to go back to a normal theme if you don't like it at all. Add others, etc. In short, at the end of this article you will know all the information about themes for Facebook Messenger. So let's get started…

To change the messenger theme

Facebook Messenger has introduced more themes in its latest update. As of now and in the latest update, you will find 10 different themes and 21 different colors and color gradients to personalize your cat. However, they are all available in the Messenger app for Android and iOS devices. For PC users, you can customize the chat with colors and gradients. Anyway, if you don't know how to change your Messenger theme, follow this simple method….

on Android

You can design your chat and speech bubbles with over 10 different themes and 21 colors and gradients. They are available in the latest Messenger update. One small note: The design changes the whole cat style and cat bubbles, while the application of colors and gradients only changes the cat bubbles. However, you can find how to change messengers on Android here:

Open the latest Messenger application. Then open the conversation or channel whose themes, colors, and gradients you want to change. Click on the information icon in the top right corner of the conversation. Now press Subjects. You can choose from different themes, colours and colour gradients. Choose the one you want and it will be applied automatically, done.

Reset messenger theme to normal

On the iPhone: Open a conversation in the messenger application. Then tap the person's profile name at the top of the screen. Click on Themes and select the first colours under Colours and gradients. This sets the default background for chat to white and chat bubbles in Messenger to blue.

The same method works on and in the Messenger for PC application. As the screenshot above shows, you can revert to the default Messenger theme using the method shown. However, you will also receive a notification that you have changed the subject of the call to Standard at the end of the call. Feel free to ask any questions you have about changing the colors and themes of Facebook Messenger. I'd like to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Messenger theme back to normal?

If you want to change your Messenger theme back to normal, follow these steps: Open the Messenger app. Tap on the three lines in the top-left corner of your screen. Tap on Settings > Account > Theme. Tap on the theme you want to change. How do I change my Messenger theme to a different one? If you want to change your Messenger theme to a different one, follow these steps: Open the Messenger app. How do I change my Messenger theme to a custom one? If you want to change your Messenger theme to a custom one, follow these steps: Open the Messenger app. Tap on Custom theme and select a custom theme from your device's gallery.

How can I get more messenger themes?

You can get more themes by following the instructions in this article.

How do I get the old messenger back?

If you want to get the old messenger back, you can do so by going to your settings and clicking on “Messenger” in the left-hand menu.

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