How to Fix Twitter Something Went Wrong Try Again Login Error

Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest in the world of technology. It's also a great way to waste time, whether it's checking out your favorite football team and seeing just how badly they are playing, or just trying to figure out how your favorite celebrity is going to look like in the new Batman movie. But Twitter isn't the only service that has the occasional problems. If you have problems with other services, such as your email or a web browser, it's easy to fix.

Twitter is a great service, but one that can get a little glitchy at times. There are a few things you can do to get around problems like this, but if you're not sure how to do so, you'll eventually give up and get frustrated.

Twitter is the ultimate sharing platform, but some things can go wrong. For example, deleting your Twitter account can be a long, difficult process. And if you have forgotten your password, or can't log in, you may find yourself stuck, unable to follow new accounts or access an important tweet. Here's how to fix Twitter issues in two simple steps…

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Millions of users consult the app and website several times a day to find out what they are following. However, it can be annoying to see an error message when you log into your Twitter account that indicates something is wrong.

When a connection error occurs at Twitter, an error message is displayed: Oops, something went wrong. Try again later. alt=Fixing-Oops-Something-Wrong-Error-Sign-in-Issues-on-Twitter width=653 height=232 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />

Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this common connection problem with Twitter. See the solutions below to find out how to solve the problem.

Error Oops something went wrong on Twitter fixed

The problem of connecting to the Twitter application or website can have several causes. You can try one of the following methods and see if you can reconnect to your Twitter account. If not, continue with the next steps and try logging in again.

Method 1 – update website or Twitter application

Reload the Twitter website in your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browser by clicking the round arrow button. If you are using the Twitter app on your Android phone or tablet or iPhone/iPad device, you can try closing and restarting the app.

Method 2 – Use another device to access Twitter

alt=Use-Another-Device-to-Open-Twitter-to-Fix-Sign-in-Issues-1 width=550 height=825 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />Credit: Martin Bjork/Unsplash

If you're using the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device and experiencing a login error, you can try logging into Twitter through your browser. You can also try other browsers if the first one doesn't work. If this doesn't work, go to the next method.

Method 3 – Verify your Twitter username and password

Are you using the right credentials for Twitter? You can review your account information and login details before logging back in. Also, try re-entering your name and password to see if that helps you log back in.

Method 4 – Check your Internet connection

Sometimes a Twitter connection error occurs when the internet signal is weak. Run a speed test to check your home network connection. If this fails, you can improve it by rebooting the WiFi router and modem. Try moving the router closer to the device for a better Internet connection.

Method 5 – Clear Twitter cache

alt=How-to-Clear-Cache-on-Twitter-App width=450 height=800 data-ez=data-ezsrc= />Screenhot: Windows Shipping

Corrupt cache files can also contribute to a Twitter connection error. You must clear the cache of the browser or application.

Clear the cache in the Twitter application

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android device.
  • Go to Apps and notifications.
  • Choose Twitter.
  • Go to the Memory section.
  • Press Clear Cache.
  • To clear the cache on your iOS device, uninstall and reinstall the Twitter app.

Delete cookies on Twitter

  • In your browser, click on the lock icon next to the address bar of the Twitter page.
  • Choose Cookies.
  • Click on
  • Click on the Remove button.

Method #6 – Update Twitter application

  • Go to the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android.
  • Search on Twitter.
  • Tap the Twitter application.
  • Click Refresh, if available.

Do you have another way to fix the Twitter login error? We would love to hear about other opportunities, please describe them below.If you are having problems signing up for Twitter, logging into Twitter, or logging out of Twitter, you may have encountered a problem with Twitter’s authentication. It is likely that you are using the Twitter Web Client and not the Twitter Mobile App.. Read more about twitter something went wrong vpn and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my twitter say something went wrong Try again?

If you are having trouble logging in, please try again.

How do you fix twitter that says something went wrong?

You can't.

How do I fix oops something went wrong?

If you see an error message that says “Oops something went wrong,” try the following: Close the app and restart it. If this doesn't work, try deleting your account and signing up again. If you're still having trouble, contact us at [email protected]

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