How to Open VHD File Manually in Windows 10 Learn here

How to Open VHD File Manually in Windows 10 Learn here.

Every now and then, you might come across a VHD file that cannot be opened in File Explorer. This is when you need to know how to open VHD manually in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is all about the cloud and you can open files just as easily as you can send off a message. But, if you’ve ever had to open a VHD file manually, you know it’s a pretty tedious process! So, we’re going to show you the easiest way to open VHD files manually using the Windows command prompt.

VHD (Virtual Hard Disk Drive) is a file format that represents a virtual hard disk. It can contain a hard drive partition and a file system that can hold files and folders similar to those on a physical hard drive. Serves as the hard disk of the virtual machine. It stores all the data on the hard disk. Things happen often, for example a hard drive can be stolen or lost. So people start looking for information on how to open a VHD file?

The VHD format is useful for configuring a particular combination of software that can be easily distributed to a group of users on a network, since physical machines can boot from this format. In addition, IT administrators can change the program applied to the community at any time. And that's where the need to open a VHD file in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. comes in.

There can be many reasons why people want to open a VHD on their system. So let's look at the causes first, and then at the methods to open them in your system.

What are the most common reasons for opening a VHD file?

There are several main reasons why people keep searching the Internet for the answer to the question How do I open a VHD file? I list them below.

  • The VHD format is very important for configuring a particular combination of software used by a group of users on a network.
  • When your external hard drives are lost
  • To access data lost due to an improper system shutdown.
  • VHD files are damaged due to virus attacks.
  • A software error might be one of the reasons why you can no longer access your VHD files.
  • A corrupted hard drive can also corrupt all the files on the drive. The user no longer has access to these files. In addition, the data on the device may be corrupted if the hard drive is connected to the local system.

This may be the reason why people are always looking for solutions to access VHD files on their systems. Now let's get back to opening VHD files.

In this article we will explain the various ways to access VHD files. Let's move on to the procedures.

Methods for opening VHD files

Microsoft added native VHD support to File Explorer after the release of Windows 7. When Microsoft launched Windows Vista, it included a feature called Full PC Backup in some editions, which was later called Device Image in Windows 7.

Fortunately, the entire backup of your PC is saved as a VHD (virtual hard drive) file when you create it. This is for you if you are wondering how to open a VHD file in Windows 7? Learn how to copy and open files from a VHD in Windows 10. Follow a few quick steps to open the VHD files one by one. The methods below allow you to manually access VHD files on your system:

Technique 1: Using Windows PowerShell

The first step is to use Windows PowerShell to run a script that will help you install the VHD file in the root directory. You can then run CHKDSK on it. Follow the instructions below. Please adjust the fields as required:

First we select the VNHD we want to mount $VHDName = V:/serverx.vhd

Get MSVM_ImageManagementService

VHDService = get-wmiobject -class Msvm_ImageManagementService-namespace

rootvirtualization -hostname …

Now we mount the VHD

$Result = $VHDService.Mount($VHDName)

You can now perform CHKDSK on this VHD.

Engineering 2: By creating a new virtual machine

Create a new virtual machine and add the corrupted virtual hard drive file to it using this procedure. And then, condense it. Perform the following steps:

  • First create a new virtual server, then add a new hard drive.
  • From the Settings menu, select the hard drive you created earlier. Then navigate to the VHD file that is not loaded.
  • Select Compact in the Virtual Disk Wizard. Make sure the option to convert to a fixed size virtual hard disk is selected.
    VhdTool.exe /repair [/quiet]
  • Note that if your VHD was originally 30GB but is now only 10GB due to data, the new VHD file will also only be 10GB.
  • Finally, you can save this VHD file as a new VHD file with a new name (optional).

After compressing the VHD file, copy it to the source server and try to mount it.

Engineering 3: Using the Microsoft VHD Tool

Microsoft's VHD tool is also a viable option. It is capable of opening VHD files. First, download the executable file and then run it on your computer as an administrator with the following command.

The above methods of opening a VHD file may work fine, but in certain situations, for example, they do not work well. For example in case of virus attacks, incompatibility, etc. In this case, a specialized method that makes manual measurements unnecessary may be useful.
This begs the question: How do I open a VHD file using the professional method?

With the Sysinfo VHD Recovery Software tool, you can get a qualified solution. It is a corrupt VHD file recovery with advanced recovery algorithms and easy operation. Supports corrupt or damaged VHD files stored on fixed and dynamic drives, with the ability to scan a fixed drive. It also has two modes: Normal and advanced. Moreover, the VHD Repair Tool has a free demo version that you can use to test the tool.


So, as we have seen above what VHD files are, why people should open them on their system, and the procedure How to open a VHD file, repair a VHD file to recover your valuable data from it We now have a good understanding of the instructions and an effective tool to do it as described above.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you in solving your problems effectively. Keep visiting us for more answers. Thank you for reading.To open a VHD file in Windows 10, you can use the command prompt to mount the disk image and then open a folder on the mounted disk image. In Windows 10 there is no “Mount disk image” option in Explorer, and you cannot create a VHD using a Windows 10 command prompt. But there is an alternative solution.. Read more about mount-vhd not recognized and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a VHD file in Windows 10?

You can open a VHD file in Windows 10 by double-clicking it or by right-clicking it and selecting “Open with Disk Management”.

How do I open a VHD file?

You can open a VHD file using a program like VirtualBox or VMWare.

How do I restore Windows from a VHD file?

To restore Windows from a VHD file, you will need to use a Windows image.

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