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Last year, the Google Photos app got a much-needed update that restored the “View Image Info” option that was previously missing in the app. As you can see from the image above, this option was originally present when viewing an image in the Google Photos app. This feature was pretty handy because when you viewed an image, you could get basic information such as dimensions, resolution, and more. Unfortunately, that feature is now gone, but fortunately, there is a way to bring it back.

There is definitely a lot going on in the world of retro gaming and old school gaming consoles. So, it is not surprising that all-things-retro gaming have also become a trend in the world of smartphones. With all these new “retro” options for smartphone cameras, is there any reason why the “View Image Info” option is missing on the Galaxy S21, and other Samsung phones? The truth is, many of these smartphone cameras are actually equipped with a bunch of hidden hidden features that are equally as cool as their more obvious features. The Galaxy S21 [and other Samsung phones, like the S10] has a dedicated hardware button on the right side of the phone that brings up this hidden feature: “View Image Info

Windows 10 is a great operating system. Its Windows Store has tons of great apps, its operating system is fast and responsive, its OneDrive integrates with your work and home life, and there are many features and extras that make it a pleasure to use. But there is one thing that many Windows users are missing, and that is the ability to view screenshots and other images directly in the Windows 10 File Explorer. The View Image Info option was removed in Windows 8 and has yet to return.

Here's how to restore the View Information menu in Firefox, which disappeared with Firefox 88 and the new Proton user interface. The menu item has been removed and has no alternative in the context menu of the screen. It opens the Page Info dialog in Firefox right in the Media tab, which many find convenient. If you want to revive the View Image Information menu item, there are two ways to activate it.

Fix missing image view information in right-click menu of Firefox

To restore the Show Image Info on Right Click item in Firefox, change the setting in about:config. You can also use an extension with advanced features.

Restore menu Display image information in Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter, then click I accept the risk.
  3. Type or copy and paste into the search field.
  4. Set the parameter to true. alt=restore image menu info width=1318 height=374 data-ezsrc= />
  5. Now right-click on an image on the website. The image context menu now has a Show Image Info function! alt=Firefox Restore Display Image Info In Right Click Menu width=614 height=495 data-ezsrc= />

It's done. As an alternative to the method described above, a special extension may be used. In addition to displaying information about the images, it adds additional options to the browser.

The reborn Firefox image info add-on

Install the View Image Info Reborn extension via the following link: It has an option page where the user can perform various actions. The actions are as follows.

  • Displays the image on the current tab.
  • Display the image information in a new window.
  • Display the image information in a new tab.
  • Display the overlay image information.
  • Save WEBP images as PNG or JPG files.

alt=View Image Info Reborn Menu Add On width=787 height=571 data-ezsrc= /> The above options can be shown or hidden directly in the context menu of the image. The latter allows you to access them via hotkeys. For example, image information opens in a new window by default. However, if you hold down the Ctrl key and click the View Image Information button, the image information is displayed in a new tab. The Shift key opens it in the crossfade window.

Use with care

This extension is marked as safe on the Mozilla add-ons page. It is said that the security of the add-on is not actively monitored by Mozilla. Make sure you trust it before you install it. Another concern is permits for additions. It is configured to request access to each page and its contents. The author briefly explains that for processing images stored on domains other than the original web page, such as. B. CDN, permissions are required. This is also needed to access the Type and Last Modified data for the images and to implement the Save As…… options.

Expansion setting

  1. In Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + A or type about:addons into the address bar.
  2. Click Show reborn image information in the list.
  3. Click on the Preferences tab.
  4. Change the menu style, keyboard shortcuts and display options as you wish.

Display view information in Firefox without installing extensions

Finally, if you don't want to install extensions or reconfigure Firefox, you can use it as is. However, the Image Information tab does not open quickly and you have to click extra. To view the image information in Firefox, do the following

  1. Click on the site icon in the address bar.
  2. In the pop-up window, click on the Secure connection item. alt=width=692 height=223 data-ezsrc= />
  3. Select More Information. alt= width=672 height=222 data-ezsrc= />
  4. The Page Information dialog opens.
  5. Go to the Media tab, which shows all the images available on the current page.
  6. Select a photo for which you want to display picture information.

This is your usual user interface. A dialog box displays the resolution and URL of the images, as well as other technical details. You can also save one or more images using the Save As button on the Media tab.

Additional information

In addition to the above menu item, Firefox 88 has removed another useful context menu option. This is View Image, which allows you to open the current image in the same tab. Unfortunately, Mozilla has not provided an option via:config to fix it. The good news is that there is already an extension for it. Check out this article on how to use it. Please support us. Winaero is really counting on your support. You can help the site continue to provide you with interesting and useful content and software by using these options:While clicking on a folder in the gallery app, I noted that the view image info option disappears, and also has no option to create a desktop shortcut or launch the image in the browser. I googled it, and found out that it is a bug in the current firmware.. Read more about firefox view image gone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the View Image option on Firefox?

You may have noticed that Firefox recently removed the View Image option from its image viewer. This prompted some comments from users about the usefulness of this feature, so I decided to check for myself. Firefox has messed with the View Image option in the wrong way. It has been recently redesigned and has stripped the option from the user. It was removed from the Firefox Preferences, too. Perhaps they did not realize the importance of this option for us, but it is at the very least a very basic feature, which is truly a shame.

What happened to the view image?

The most recent update to the Google Play Store includes a feature that allows users to view an image from the app's description without having to click through to it. This is great for apps like Instagram, which have a lot of images, and for apps like VideoMaker Pro, which have a lot of videos. Unfortunately, there is no way to enable this feature for the Play Store app itself. Ever since Apple announced the iPhone X, I've noticed a significant decrease in the appearance of the view image feature. I've tried deleting and re-adding the native “View image” option, but it is not available anymore. I believe this is due to the removal of the default “Camera” app in iPhone X and iOS 11. Since the “Camera” app is the only app that can access the photo viewer interface, it's great that Apple removed it from the default list of available apps in the new X and 11 operating systems.

How do I view Image Info in Firefox?

It has been nearly a year since I last wrote about “View Image Info”, an add-on that some users are apparently having trouble finding. The problem is that the description of the add-on is confusing—and the add-on itself doesn't seem to have any clear instructions. If you're trying to view a picture in Firefox, but the “View Image Info” option isn't there, here's how to get it back.

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