Top 7 wall mounted PC builds

A wall mounted PC is essentially a computer that is mounted on a wall. It's portable, ergonomic and allows you to work in a better position then a table top PC. However, as a PC enthusiast, you may be asking yourself how to build a wall mounted PC.

We've rounded up some of the best wall-mounted PC cases for your consideration. We've also included a list of the top 7 cases we've tested. While our brand new Top 7 Wall Mounted PC case reviews are in progress, please enjoy these 7 case reviews.

Wall mounted PCs are not very common due to the cost of planning and final placement of all these components on the wall. But if you do it right, it's worth it, as our list of the seven best PC builds proves.

What do you need to build a wall cabinet?

If you want to move your computer to the wall and have more space under your desk, you should plan accordingly. Not only should you have a clear idea of what should go where and what the finished product will look like, but you should also improve your parts ahead of time if you want to.

It is also advisable to install the PC in a place that is protected from dust. One of the reasons we put PCs in cases is to protect them from dust or other environmental elements that could damage them. Now that you're mounting the PC on the wall, make sure the area is dust and moisture free and that the PC is mounted in a safe place where no one's fingers can get into the fans.

Finally, you need to consider your budget. Wall decoration can be as expensive or cheap as you like. Don't have the money for a nice back wall? Place the units on the wooden plate. But if you have the money, spend it wisely and on the parts you will use. Aesthetics also play an important role with wall mounted PCs, so make sure they are well designed.

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Here are some of the best wall mounted PC designs for your inspiration.

Striking RGB

First up, we have a carbon fiber wall PC from Imgur user JalfreziJeff. This beautiful construction features RGB and carbon fiber elements, is covered by a Plexiglas lid and is liquid cooled. In terms of features, Gigabyte's i7-4790K, GTX 1060, and GA-z97X aren't exactly state-of-the-art, but that's not the point of this list.

You can see the full build here.

Rustic steampunk

This wall unit by Criss Howell clearly shows that a well executed idea can be a great way to build a PC. The assembly makes clever use of tubes to hide the wiring, and the bronze color of the GPU and PSU grilles and fans further enhance the effect. There is also a power button on the back and a yellow backlight on the case.

You can see the full build here.

Analogue power supply

In keeping with retro steampunk, this build by Imgur user kdevault813 stands out very well. The whole construction is mounted on wooden plans on which only the main elements are indicated. There's even an old analog multimeter here for aesthetics.

You can see the full build here.

Pride of the Bumblebee

If you're looking for wall PC ideas and you're a Transformers fan, you'll love this marksmanguy build. The construction is highly detailed, including a tire protruding from the back of the body and even a bumblebee head with glowing eyes. The black and yellow colours in combination with the blue lighting make this assembly a true work of art. It also projects the Autobot logo on the ceiling.

You can see the full build here.

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Feros PC enclosure for wall mounting

Imgur user FerosRigs prefers to call a spade a spade, and we're following that trend. The whole thing is built on an aluminum frame, with components and fans carefully placed on the sides. This model has a full RGB system, liquid cooling and a very modern look.

You can see the full build here.

Simplicity is the best policy

The easy installation of the vicoAT wood panel makes it clear that you do not have to spend money for a quality wall PC. All the essential elements are carefully fixed on a simple wooden board. All cables are custom made and run through the back for a clean look. RGB lighting on the back adds a splash of color and makes for a stunning build.

You can see the full build here.

All or nothing

Show4Pro took four weeks and over 100 hours to assemble a wall-mounted PC, but the build was totally worth it. The entire unit has orange lighting, complemented by blue water cooler lighting for a great look. Everything installed flawlessly, without a single thread. There is even a mini version of this system that can be placed on a table.

You can see the full build here.

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